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Some documentation tests.
Some statistics tests.


Tatoeba has a lot of tags that I've been organising and cleaning up.


There is no easy way to link two sentences now a userscript by Zifre (see the announcement) to allow trusted users to link sentences by entering the number of one on the page of the other. Still, in case one may not be able or wish to use the script, trusted users can always enter a URI on the form: http://tatoeba.org/eng/links/add/<SentenceA>/<SentenceB>. To unlink, one simply swaps add for delete.
... or uses the form below:


There are some statistics up on the Tatoeba blog that I used to plot a graph of exponential growth.


New version


The discussion hall of fame

Not a discussion, but here's one user's farewell message ... before he eventually returned.

French imperialism: tag

A few good rules

Assume good faith.

Base your comments on facts

Don't be a hypocrite: ;-) ...>:-|; ;-); Follow my rules, unless you're me, ditto, ditto, ditto ditto. Though not when you fall victim to imperialism...

. xenophobe or considerate

Don't be a dick: ..., ... ... ...

Only adopt sentences that you know are correct.

Recognise the boundaries of knowledge and stick to languages that understand.

Don't translate word-for-word or assume that all languages phrase things the same.