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Hér má finna nokkra syntax-a til að hjálpa sér af stað.
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Ýmsir staðlar fyrir verarldarvefinn.
Chapter 11 The awk Programming Language
The AWK Manual
A successful Git branching model
Self-referencing many-to-many through

Logging in with cURL

One of the reasons UBC is a great place to study is the exellent access to wireless internet. The suggested method is that you open a browser, be redirected to a website where you send a form with your username and password to be validated and then you are good to go.

To log on you are advised to fetch any site using a browser. You are then redirected to a login site where you send your username and password through a form.

Essentially; I don't want to have to open a browser just to log onto the internet, so I found cURL which allows you to send HTTP POST data. Syntax for this case follows:

curl -d "username=USER&password=PASS&login=Login"

See: Using cURL to automate HTTP jobs